Goodholm Park Mural

Goodholm Park Mural Project

Jefferson Park Neighbors Association (JPNA), a 501c3, is both a neighborhood association and Community Housing Development Organization.  The community based organization whose primary purpose is to develop and provide affordable housing for the community it serves, uses some of the proceeds from home sales for neighborhood improvements.  JPNA has served the neighborhood through projects including streetlamps, neighborhood signs, park benches, planting trees, median landscaping and more.

The park facing side of the Goodholm Park tennis wall had been a graffiti wall for years.  For a long period of time JPNA members have discussed solutions for the wall.  During a previous “Big Event”, volunteers undertook a service project to clean up and paint the wall and it has stood as a blank canvas ever since.

Several popular murals around the city piqued JPNA interest and they formed a committee to pursue the possibility of commissioning an artist to paint a mural on the tennis court wall.  JPNA selected artist Scott Henderson an accomplished mural artist and the Director of Smart Space at the Science Museum Oklahoma based on his previous work on the “Bee Mural” on north Western and the concept drawing of his idea of “Interconnectedness”.   Once an agreement was made and all of the City approvals were obtained, Scott began work on the new mural.

Scott came up with the idea for the Goodholm Park mural based on the idea of “Interconnectedness”.  Scott describes this idea of interconnectedness as “referring to the manner in which a group of objects interact with one another to form a complex whole that operates as a system…”

Following are some of Scott’s notable Murals and Installations;

  • Vibratory Messages Generated By Tethered Bees- Western Ave Mural 2015
  • Scientist Super Heroes, Science Museum Oklahoma, 2015
  • Dynamic Cycle Write Brothers mural , Science Museum Oklahoma, 2014
  • Airplane Hanger mural, Science Museum Oklahoma, 2014
  • Airplane Blue Print mural , Science Museum Oklahoma 2013
  • Firehouse mural (Douglas Shaw Elder ) mural , Fowler Volkswagon, Norman OK 2013
  • Chris Nick WW2 mural , Science Museum Oklahoma 2012
  • Mike Wimmer space boot mural , Science Museum Oklahoma 2012
  • Stage designs and Backdrop for Ok Philharmonic Christmas Special, 2011
  • Oklahoma History and education murals , Deer Creek Middle School 2011
  • Buy 4 Less Grocery Interior Murals, Oklahoma City 2011
  • Einstein mural,  Science Museum Oklahoma  2010 *
  • Mind Games Exhibit (optical illusion pattern installation) ,Science Museum Oklahoma 2010 *
  • Peppers Ranch interior mural,  Guthrie Oklahoma 2010*
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,  Lexington  Oklahoma  2010 ^
  • Destination themed conference room murals, STA Travel Headquarters, Dallas Texas 2010 +
  • Land Run Murals, Chisholm Elementary, Edmond Oklahoma 2009+
  • Nowata Historical Mural, Nowata Oklahoma 2009*
  • Children’s Activity Center Murals, Science Museum Oklahoma 2009*
Left to right, David Bigham – JPNA President, Scott Henderson Artist, Kathy Reynolds JPNA Director & Mural Committee Chair